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Closed for the 2019 season. Will open about June 15, 2020

season begins mid to late June


Hoot 'n' Howl Farm Equip. Sale
Saturday, November 16, 2019
6033 Jay Road

Hi all.

Janet and I are semi-retiring from farming. We will continue selling peaches, etc. with our partnership with Early Morning Orchard, Palisade, CO. We will continue growing produce on our own land. However, we are not renewing our land lease with Boulder County Parks and Open Space, which expires this December 31—The leased land is immediately west and north of our home at 6033 Jay Road, Boulder.

On Saturday, November 16, 2019, from 8am through noon, we will conduct a sale of substantially all our farm equipment. The details of the sale are attached. You may inspect the items during the sale, and also on Friday and Saturday, November 8 and 9, from 8am until dusk; Sunday, November 10, noon until dusk; and Friday, November 15, 8 am until 6pm. The sale will be by sealed bid. More details below.

There are many people who might be interested in this equipment. I know a bunch of them, but there are far more whom I don’t know. Please forward this to those who might be interested.

Equipment and goods for sale:

1. Allis Chalmers WD45 tractor, 1957, with front-end loader, rear blade. The tractor is in A1 condition, all systems working superbly. SN 232616. Std Transmission. 4 Forward Gears, 1 Reverse. Has both a foot clutch AND a hand clutch, allowing very precise control. Drawbar 30 hp-tested. Tires in very good condition. MINIMUM price: $3500

2. Ford 9N tractor, 1941. Starts easy, runs great! SN 9N78857. 16 hp-tested. Gasoline. 3 pt. hitch. All new tires. 18 Engine HP; 12 PTO HP; MINIMUM price: $3200.

NOTE: Above tractors have a minimum price. All below items: NO minimum!

3. Hoophouse, 20’wide, 28’ long, ~12’ tall. Manufacturer: Nexis, from American Clayworks, Denver. Buyer must disassemble and remove. Excellent condition, but needs new 6 mil polyfilm (double layer).

4. 40 Gallon 3-Point Hitch Sprayer with 10′ Folding Boom. Like new-Used 4 hours total.
• 2.2 GPM EVERFLO Pump
• 18″ Handgun with 15ft of Hose
• Polyethylene Tank
• 3 Section Break Away Boom
• 120″ Coverage Boom

5. Tractor tiller. 6’

6. Troy Bilt Horse rototiller with numerous attachments. Excellent condition.

7. 6’ wide tractor mower

8. 3-spade trencher

9. 32-wheel disk

10. 2-bottom plow

11. X-count T-posts

12. Bowsmith drip tubing, emitters spaced one per foot. About one mile.

13. Netafim drip tubing 1 ½ rolls. Emitter spacing: 1 per foot. None ever used (not compatible with Bowsmith).

14. Fluorescent light fixtures (We used as grow-lights): two 8’ fixtures, five 4’.

15. Trailer-homemade. Won’t carry a heavy load.

16. Trailer. 4’ x 8’ bed-the old folding model. Bent hitch.
17. Chicken coop. 4’ x 4’

18. Chicken coop. 4’ x 8’.

19. Small shed on farm.

20. X-count concrete blocks

21. Stone weights: several, 40 to 150 lb

22. River rock

23. River gravel: FREE! Bring your shovel and pickup, trailer or container. Take river gravel (along NE fence) until gone!

Timing: Inspect all items Sat., Nov 9, 8am to dusk, Sun., Nov. 10, noon to dusk, Sat., Nov 16, 8 am until 11am.

Terms: Sealed bid. At inspection, register and obtain a bid # and envelope from cashier. Submit bids by item name to cashier with your FIRM bid no later than 11am, Sat., Nov 16. Tellers will open and tabulate bids and announce winning bid for each item. Accept currency, PayPal and Venmo.

Process: The buyer of the hoophouse may have one week to disassemble and remove it. The buyers of the chicken coops and the small shed may have two days to remove them. All other purchased items MUST be removed from the farm by 5pm, November 16.

Put this on your calendar!

Thank you.

Janet 'n' Bob


We are now closed for the 2019 season. We will reopen approximately June 15, 2020. We are thankful for the support of our many customers! Best wishes, all!


We have delicious heirloom and salad tomatoes we grow right here for sale. We have our wonderful tree-ripened peaches, nectarines and pluots (a cross between a plum and an apricot) from our orchard in Palisade, CO. Last night, we received our last load of the season, so come on over now! For the latest, check this site! Right now, we are open seven days a week, from 7am until dusk.

We regret that we have discontinued our you-pick berries. They were a great ten-year run, but there is a time for all things.


It’s beginning to look like we will not have berry picking this year. Recall that when we shrunk the farm in April 2017, we transplanted many of the berries from the part of the farm we returned to Parks and Open Space to the part of the farm we kept. The transplanted berries are producing poorly. Unless production sharply increases, we will not have berry picking. .

We DO have LOTS of our wonderful, tree-ripened peaches from our partner orchard in Palisade, CO. Many of our customers tell us our peaches are the finest they have ever eaten! We certainly think so!

We also have our own heirloom tomatoes and our salad tomatoes. ALL are delicious!

Come on over! 6033 Jay Road, Boulder 80301.


Come on over! We've just gotten another load of our wonderful tree-ripened peaches from our Palisade orchard--The most delicious peaches in the world! We're open 7am to dusk 7 days a week. 6033 Jay Road, Boulder.

More peaches!We got hit again by the impact of the wet, late spring:  After our first peach delivery, there we no more p...

More peaches!

We got hit again by the impact of the wet, late spring: After our first peach delivery, there we no more peaches for a week and a half. But the peaches are back! Come on over! We will be open at 7am tomorrow, and every day, we hope, for several weeks! Delicious, tree-ripened Palisade, CO peaches!


We've sold out our tree-ripened Palisade peaches but will have more arrive to have them on the stand at 7am this Wednesday. Come over then!


We have our wonderfully delicious tree-ripened peaches from our orchard in Palisade, CO. Soon we will have tomatoes we grow right here for sale.
For the latest, check this site! Right now we are open seven days a week, from 7am until dusk.

Price reduced to $4 a pound on Bing and Stella!Hoot ‘n’ Howl® has Colorado Sweet Cherries—Come on Over!We have our first...

Price reduced to $4 a pound on Bing and Stella!

Hoot ‘n’ Howl® has Colorado Sweet Cherries—Come on Over!

We have our first produce of the season! We have an excellent supply of Bing and Stella cherries at $4 for a one-pound bag. We have a limited supply of Rainier cherries at $9 for a one-pound bag. Our cherries are tree-ripened and come from our partner, Early Morning Orchard, in Palisade, CO.

Stella cherries are similar to Bings. Stellas were developed at the Summerland Research Station in Summerland, British Columbia, on the shore of Okanagan Lake, as part of a program of the John Innes Institute in Norwich, England.

We open at 9am seven days a week! Come on over!

6033 Jay Road, Boulder 80301


We expect Western Slope (Early Morning Orchard) fruit very soon. We'll post more as soon as possible!


Hi all. Here at Hoot 'n' Howl Farm LLC we hope to have apricots and cherries near the end of June, and peaches beginning mid-July. Early raspberries are looking slim. We anticipate nectarines and tomatoes late July. Plums early September. We hope to have fall raspberries, but won't know until late summer. Hoping for blackberries, but unsure. We will keep you posted here on our page.


Hoot 'n' Howl raw Honey is here! There is NO more Local honey for Boulder than HnH H! Comes from our bees right behind our home. Please come to the door. $15 for an 8 oz jar.


We’ve received more of our wonderfully delicious tree-ripened peaches from our orchard in Palisade, CO! This may be the last load of the season. Come on over now or wait until Jul 2019!


We have a nice supply of our delicious tree-ripened Palisade peaches and nectarines. Also our own cucumbers and peppers. Come on over!


We’ve received more of our wonderfully delicious tree-ripened peaches—and now: NECTARINES!—from our orchard in Palisade, CO! Come on over!


We have sold all our peaches until our next load coming this Thursday evening. We do have our own vegetables for sale: Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and zucchini!


Another load of our wonderfully delicious tree-ripened peaches from our orchard in Palisade, CO arrived last night! Come on over! We are open from 7am thru dusk seven days a week so long as we have produce to sell.

For the latest information on our farm, check this site! Just like every produce provider, we try to have what our customers want to buy as much as possible. We can’t guarantee that we will have peaches throughout our “open” hours. Thank you!

Given the changes we made on our farm on May 1, 2017 (go to our posts on this site and scroll way down), we likely will have no berries for you to pick this year. We are working intensely to enhance our farm so as to have berries and other produce available to you in the long term!

There are numerous websites with “current” information on various sources of high-quality food, local farms, you-pick locations, etc. Much of the information on those sites is NOT current. THIS site is the only one we control.


Today only we will open at 11. All other days we open at 7 and close at dusk.


Peaches are here! Come on over! Open tonite until dark. Tomorrow morning going forward we'll be open from 7am thru dusk.


We sold out of peaches a few minutes ago. We will have more about 7pm tomorrow (Thursday) night.


Our tree-ripened Palisade peaches are here! We will be open from 7am until dusk seven days a week as long as we have produce to sell! We had a major run on the peaches last week. We anticipate that we have enough to last, but it is a delicate balancing act.

Come on over!


Wow! We've had a run on peaches! Thank you. Sold out. Will have more Thursday PM.


Today’s shipment of our delicious tree-ripened Palisade peaches will be here by 4:40! Come on over!

There has been some confusion about when we have peaches for sale. Typically we receive peaches once or twice a week shipped from our orchard in Palisade, CO. We forecast demand when we arrange the shipment. Our forecasts are good but not perfect. Last night we sold the last peach from our most recent shipment. Because we had nothing else to sell today, we closed. We will reopen by 4:40.

Just like every produce provider, we try to have what our customers want to buy as much as possible. You see our official hours on this site, but we can’t guarantee that we will have peaches throughout those posted “open” hours. Thank you!


We have our wonderfully delicious peaches from our orchard in Palisade, CO. We anticipate having them now for the next few weeks. Shipping the peaches is complicated, as is anticipating demand. Should we sell out pending a shipment, we will tell you here. Soon we will have tomatoes we grow right here for sale.
For the latest, check this site! Right now we are open seven days a week, from 7am until dusk.
Given the changes we made on our farm on May 1, 2017 (scroll way down), we likely will have no berries for you to pick this year.


The peaches are here! Come on over!


Delivery problems yesterday (Sometimes a rough drive over the continental divide). Peaches should arrive late this PM. Will post as soon as they are here!


How to get information on what Hoot ‘n’ Howl has for sale: Come right here! Our page!

We currently anticipate opening tomorrow afternoon or evening, when we expect our next load of our delicious tree-ripened peaches from our orchard in Palisade, CO! As soon as we know when they’ll arrive, we will post here!

Our tomatoes that we grow right here are coming along nicely. We expect to be selling them soon (NOT you-pick—The vines are too fragile).

We only post when we have news. Friend us here so that you’ll get an email when we post.

We presently have nothing you can pick yourself. It is likely that we will not this year, but we won’t know for sure until we see how our fall raspberries are doing. We’ll know more on the raspberries about Sep 1.

For our whole story, scroll down! I’ve scrolled back to 2014. I don’t know how far it goes. Maybe to when we started—Eleven years ago!


We just sold the last peach until this coming Thursday evening. We had a major run on peaches this weekend! We will get a larger shipment this Thursday to meet demand. Thank you to all of our customers!


Are our peaches organic? No. Our orchardman uses NO non-organic sprays or other non-organic controls once fruit has set on thru harvest. However, effective protection of fruit trees year around without vigorous pest control is profoundly expensive. Off-season controls have no impact on the fruit whatsoever, but prevent us from getting organic certification.


Our peaches are from our orchard in Palisade, CO. Palisade orchards are famous for growing the most tasty fruit in the world. This very small area in the Colorado River valley just upstream from Grand Junction, CO, has a unique growing environment that produces amazing fruit!

Our price is $3.00 a pound, or $22 for a whole box. That comes to approximately $2.59 a lb for a net-weight box. The boxes have some variability by weight, but not much.

Come get some!



Come on over!


COME ON OVER! We've got more apricots, more sweet cherries! We are open today until dusk! This week only we'll be open tomorrow thru Saturday, 8am to dusk. Normally we are open Tuesday thru Saturday, 8am to dusk; Sunday noon to dusk, and closed Monday.

When we wrote ten days ago, we talked about how easy it is to can apricots--All very true.

It is even easier to stew apricots to eat now. And it is almost as easy to make apricot cobbler! Any of these approaches bring out the same incredible enhancement of apricot flavor! Try any of them!


2 lbs. fresh apricots
1 1/3 C. Sugar
1/4 C. Water
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Dash of salt

Halve and put apricots in sauce pan with water, lemon juice, sugar and salt. Bring to a simmer and cook until fruit is just cooked through and not falling apart. Dot with a little butter and serve hot or cold.

If you want to use this to make cobbler you can thicken with 2 tablespoons of cornstarch mixed with 2 teaspoons sugar stirred into simmering apricots and topped with a biscuit cobbler batter.


HOOT 'N' HOWL® TREE FRUIT ARE HERE! Sweet cherries! Apricots! All from our Western Slope orchard in Palisade, Colorado! You've had sweet cherries from Mexico, CA, OR and WA. They are good. But a Colorado sweet cherry? To DIE for!

Apricots: Delicious! But a secret: Have you ever had a home-canned apricot in January? As Greg Brown sings: Taste a little of the summer! Taste a little of the summer! Grandma put it all in a jar! I don't know how, but home-canning actually ENHANCES apricot flavor! I'm not whoofing you here: It's true!

Never canned? IT IS SO EASY! Do 10 minutes of internet research and you'll be an expert canner! For apricots all you need is sugar, water, canning jars and lids, a canner and a stove. Safeway and King Soopers probably sell all of it (except the stove). Pick a SIMPLE internet recipe and follow it.

So come on over! Open Tuesday thru Saturday, 8am to dusk, Sunday noon to dusk. Closed Monday.

See you soon!

Janet 'n' Bob

6033 Jay Road
Boulder 80301


Nothing to pick now. We are still rebuilding from our downsizing last year.


Sadly, almost all of the apple blossoms in Boulder County were killed by a late frost last spring, including all of ours :( . Further, most of the Palisade apples were also hit by a late frost. There are very few Colorado apples anywhere this year. For our own use, we have been buying Washington state apples.


Hi all! We've received a shipment of wonderful, tasty! peaches from Early Morning Orchard! These are the last peaches we will have for sale this year, so come get 'em while they last!

A few of you have advised us that the last shipment we had received before this one had some peaches that were below our very high quality standard. We discussed this w/ our orchardman: As hard as he tries, occasionally some mediocre peaches will occur and miss his screening efforts. If you got some of these unacceptable peaches, come on over, and we’ll replace them at no cost to you. Please come to our door, so we can keep a tally. Thank you.


HnH Cherokee Purple tomatoes, EMO peaches and nectarines! Come on over!


We have a wonderful supply of both nectarines and peaches, all tree-ripened, from Early Morning Orchard in Palisade. Both priced at $3.50 a lb, and $22 a box. Boxes average 8.5 lb net. COME ON OVER!


People continue to ask when we will have berries. It is probable that we will have no picking this year. We hope to next year. Janet 'n' Bob


Hoot ‘n’ Howl® has nectarines! And peaches!

Come on over! We received a limited supply of nectarines, and we have LOTS of peaches!

Peaches are $3.50 / lb, $22 a box. Nectarines are $4 / lb, no box or other discount.

Thank you!

Janet ‘n’ Bob


6033 Jay Rd
Boulder, CO


(720) 446-6825


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