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Custom Framing is an old world craft. It is one of the few products produced today that is still truly custom. The FASTFRAME Operating System is unique in the framing industry and has taken this old world craft and added modern technology, which allows us to produce products in a fraction of the time that it takes our competitors. These are the reasons why Potomac Framing has been ranked #1 in category by Entrepreneur Magazine for 9 years in a row.


When deciding between acrylic and glass in a picture frame, there are certain considerations to keep in mind. For instance, if the frame will be shipped, then shatter resistant acrylic may be a good choice, but if you want a low maintenance frame, then glass will be your best bet.


Some picture framing mats have multiple openings, creating a unique venue for photographs and collages. This type of mat is also a great showcase for collections like trading cards or stamps.


When a piece is framed under glass, it is necessary to raise the glass off the surface of the paper. This is known as matting and refers to a lining that protects the piece from touching the glass.


There are many other things that can be framed in addition to pictures or artwork. Jerseys, tickets and graduation certificates are among the most popular items to frame, after pictures.


Did you know that a picture frame performs both aesthetic and practical roles? It not only separates the artwork from its surroundings, but also protects it from damage and allows you to hang it on a wall more easily.


While a mat is often considered an aesthetic addition to a picture framing project, it also serves a practical function as well. Primarily, it separates the art or photograph from the glass, thereby protecting it.


For some people, a major concern with glazed picture frames is glare that can make it all but impossible to see the picture at times. It's possible to purchase non-reflective glass, which all but eliminates glare.


Designers say the perfect height for a picture frame is just less than five feet above the ground, right at eye level. Resist the temptation to put your picture frame higher on the wall.


The most common soft hardwoods used in picture framing are basswood, ramin, obeche, and mahogany. When denser hardwoods are used, they tend to be woods such as oak, walnut, cherry, and ash.


Don't worry about choosing a frame to match the color and style of furniture in the room where the picture will hang. Instead, choose a frame that works well with the photo or whatever is being framed.


Museum board is the highest quality of framing mat material available. It's made of 100 percent cotton fiber and is designed to best preserve the contents of a frame. While this matting is expensive, it's extremely reliable.


Decorating your home doesn't have to cost a fortune once you add artwork. It's possible to make even an inexpensive poster look nice with the right frame and mat job.


Did you know that when it comes to framing options, acrylic is more optically pure than glass? While regular glass actually has a green tint, with acrylic you have a much truer view of the original piece.


Have you been thinking about having some of the pictures of your pets framed? Stop in today and talk to one of our framing specialists about the different options to include your furry loved-ones on your walls.


During the reign of Francis I in France, furniture builders began designing and constructing frames instead of allowing artists, sculptors, and architects for this task. This expended the frame market substantially.


Are you interested in creating an interesting grouping of your framed artwork? Lay out your pictures on the floor and try different arrangements before hanging. Then mark off each portrait's location on the wall with blue painters tape to ensure the layout is exactly how you want it.


Hawaiian Koa wood makes for an elegant and timeless frame appropriate for nearly any photo or piece of artwork. Ask today about Koa and other unique types of wood available for framing.


Have you ever noticed that artwork hung in galleries usually feature wide mats? This framing technique is used to make the draw greater attention to the artwork and will also work in your home.


Once your framed artwork is ready to take home, it's a good idea to enlist the help of a friend to hang it. Custom framed pictures may be heavier to work with than you'd expect.


Did you know that gilded frames look like they are made of gold? This traditional way of framing photos contains a thin layer of gold leaf applied to the surface of the wood so the entire surface is shining gold.


Did you know that some of the earliest frames were an extension of religious worship during the European medieval period? These imitated the architectural surroundings of cathedrals and large churches.


When it comes to framed art, mats can lend a visual aesthetic to the overall look. For instance, wider mats can create a visual breathing space, while different mat styles and colors can give a unique twist to the art piece.


If you are worried about the weight of the glazing in a large picture frame, there is a substitute called Perspex that is much lighter than glass. Be careful, though, because Perspex scratches fairly easily.


Before you purchase that ready-made frame, don't forget about the advantages of custom framing. Custom frames are designed specifically for your photo or piece of artwork and will ensure your frame is the proper size and piece is uniquely highlighted.


Make sure that the matte you choose is made of acid-free material. If not, the matte will develop brown spots over time, due to exposure to sunlight, which can spread to the picture as well.


For some people, framing large pieces of art can be more of a challenge than smaller pieces. As a rule, choose wider frames for oversized art because they can better handle the weight.


If you are handling the picture mounting yourself, one good tip is to use blue painting tape to cover any area where you will be nailing the frame, to avoid chipping the drywall.


The most common frame choices are metal and wood. For many people the type of picture will help to make the choice. Wood conveys a warmer, traditional kind of look while metal frames generally offer a more contemporary look.


Frames are often used to showcase photographs, but they can actually be used to display so much more. Both ready-made and custom frames can display artwork, diplomas and certificates, and even mementoes and collectibles.


When purchasing picture frames, pay attention to terms like finish, such as a walnut or cherry finished frame. Often, these frames are made from softer woods like ramin and then finished with a veneer meant to appear like the harder woods mentioned.


Some of the benefits of using acrylic instead of glass in a picture frame are that it is very lightweight, shatter-resistant, and optically pure. These make it perfect for large picture frames or those that require shipping.


One of the most popular effects that frame makers use on older wooden frames is gilding, a decorative technique during which the frame maker applies fine gold powder to give the frame a thin coating of gold.


One problem with using non-glare glass or acrylic is the way it can diffuse the light. When you have artwork with fine details, this can make it more difficult to see all the detail.


Basically, there are two main types of mat material: acidic and acid free (meaning it has a neutral pH). While older mats are typically acidic, newer mats tend to be acid free.


The kind of glass you use is just as important to your framed artwork as the quality of your frame. Selecting the wrong type can leave you looking at a harsh glare.


Did you know that the first product that the toy company Mattel developed was a picture frame? These were originally made of scrap plastic and wood, which founder Elliot Handler also used to design dollhouse furniture.


Picture frame mats are instrumental in protecting photos and artwork within the frame. Without this separation, any condensation that develops on the inside of the glass can be transferred, resulting in water damage, mold, or mildew.


One of the main styles of wooden frames accentuates the fact that the frame is made from a natural material. Plan wooden frames are great for rooms with other wooden fixtures and contrast interestingly with modern decor.


If it's important for your frame to be perfectly straight, you may want to consider hanging the frame with hooks instead of relying on wire. Wire can adjust slightly over time and will also move when bumped.


One of the earliest picture frames ever discovered was located in an Egyptian tomb in 2nd Century A.D. This portrait of a fayum mummy was still in its wooden frame, which suggests that homeowners may have hung mummy portraits in their homes at one point.


If you decide to put a frame above a sofa or chair, designers say it's important not to leave too much room between the sofa and the picture. Any more than five to eight inches and most people will naturally look at the wall instead of the frame.


If you're looking to frame a chalk pastel, glass is a better choice than acrylic. Acrylic is much more susceptible to higher levels of static charge, which can attract dust into the frame and potentially mar the artwork.


Acrylic, rather than glass, is commonly used for framing purposes because acrylic is lighter and more durable. However, don't treat acrylic like glass. Clean with a soft cloth and don't use Windex or other harsh cleaners.


L-style frames are one of the most common types of frames and are constructed with a single L-shaped border of wood. The bottom part of the L, or rabbet, at the front of the frame holds the glass, object, and backing.


Don't forget to consider the space where you'll put the picture. Make sure the matting and frame size appropriately match the space you have in mind to hang the frame.


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