Auglaize Berry Patch

Auglaize Berry Patch Pick your own blueberries. $3.50 per pound. Buckets and freezer grade plastic liners provided.

Auglaize Berry Patch was planted in 2005 with five varieties of blueberries: Blue Crop, Blue Ray, Blue Jay, Duke and Patriot. Our first harvest was in 2008 and this year will be our 9th harvest.


Forgot something in the last post. Iron Gate Berry Farm has blueberries. So please check with them. They are a little further south, so maybe the frost didn't bother them. They had some fantastic looking strawberries!


We are sorry to let you know that Auglaize Berry Patch will not be opening for the 2020 blueberry season. Due to a late frost and the loss of several more mature bushes, there aren't enough berries to open for U-Pick. Our 300 new plants are growing nicely but are not big enough to produce well.

We will be offering prepicked berries, as available, for $4.00 per pound. Please call 573-346-5775 and leave a message or text the same number. We will fill orders as we have berries.

We are adding Triple Crown blackberries to the patch and hope to replace up to six rows of failing blueberries with the blackberries, eventually. Blackberries grow naturally here so maybe we will have better luck with them!

Thank you for your patience as we take time to renew the berry patch and thank you for your support over the past 12 years. Jerry, Jeannette, Elaine, Mark and Nobel


Last call for blueberries! Monday, July 8th will be the last picking for the 2019 season. We will pick in the morning from 7 AM to 10:30 AM. This has been a much better than expected harvest and we do thank everyone who has taken time to come to the patch and pick blueberries.


Good morning! Just a reminder that the berry patch will be open tomorrow morning, July 4th, from 7 AM to 10:30 AM. The berries are still out there in abundance and easy to pick. So come get a few fresh berries for the long holiday weekend! They won't last much longer in this heat.

Some have suggested that I need to let you know that our patch is as natural as we can make it. I'm not going to call it "organic" because that requires too much paperwork!! We do NOT spray our berries so that we can eat from the bush anytime they're ripe and we don't want to risk hurting our bee colonies. You don't even wash the berries before freezing because that destroys the protective coating that helps prevent freezer burn. Wash them after freezing if you feel you need to do so. In order to be even more "natural" than we have been in the past, we are no longer using chemical fertilizers. Instead, we are using fish emulsion in the drip irrigation line and have seen some tremendous growth. If you want to be bored to death about the changes we are making in our berry patch, backyard garden and in the cattle operation, just ask! Hope to see you at the patch!


This may well be the last week to pick blueberries. So, just a reminder about this week. Picking this evening beginning at 6. No picking Wednesday, July 3rd. Fourth of July we pick in the morning from 7 AM until 10:30 AM. Depending on what is left after Thursday, we may get to pick Friday and Saturday mornings. Picking is much easier and faster now that the clusters have been broken and the ripe berries can be identified quickly.


Good morning! Fantastic day at the patch yesterday. However, the pickers missed a "few" berries. Today promises to be another good morning in the patch. If you still need berries, come join us.


Good morning! After a check of the weather forecast, hourly forecast, precipitation probability, and sticking my head out the door, I think we will cancel berry picking this morning (Wednesday). Sorry. However, tomorrow promises to be fantastic as far as weather is concerned. All varieties are ripening and it should be the best day in the patch so far. See you there!


Looks like we can get a morning of picking without rain today! Had a good day yesterday in spite of rain. Open from 7 until 10:30. When we are in the patch, we do not have cell service so any calls or texts or emails have to wait until we get back home. Sorry. That's what happens when you live in the country.


Just checked the radar again and we seem to be clear of rain for a while. We will be heading to the patch in a few minutes. I did a walk through last evening late and there are berries for the picking. The Blue Ray and Blue Jay are ripening, also. If you can handle cloudy, foggy conditions, come on out!


Good morning! We had a good beginning to berry picking yesterday. A bit cool but better than 90 degrees with 90 percent humidity. We've had about .2" of rain this morning. Looks like clearing for a bit. I am headed for the patch and will be there working unless it thunders. Then I'm gone! Wear boots!


The berries are ripening and there will be some to pick beginning tomorrow, June 14th, at 7 a.m. Please do not drive a long distance or expect multiple buckets from this first day of picking. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, there will be more berries than last year, although we are still in a rebuilding mode due to a fungal root rot. In the past 18 months we have planted 300 new bushes and they seem to be growing well.

We will be open daily (except Sunday) from 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. (or as long as the berries last on any given day!). The price is the same as last year - $3.50 per pound. We provide the buckets and freezer grade plastic bags.

The weather forecast through next Wednesday doesn't look great for sunny, berry-picking weather. IF it's raining in the morning and clears by late afternoon, we can pick in the evenings around 6:30 p.m. Watch Facebook for any changes during rainy weather.

Visitors to the patch might want to wear more substantial footwear than sandals. We have noticed more snakes than usual so watch where you put your feet! Ticks are abundant, also! Don't let snakes and ticks keep you from coming! There are many beautiful birds to watch as you fight them for the berries!!

Looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. See you in the patch!


Found along A Road: a Walmart package with Christmas gifts. Please identify to claim.


It is with much regret that I write this post to let you know that we are not going to be able to open the patch again this season. Jerry and I have just taken a ride around the field and there are not enough berries left to ask anyone to drive out for such a few. Hopefully, another year or two will see our bushes healthy and thriving once again. We do appreciate everyone who came out Monday morning. It was hot and humid, however I believe that everyone who came went away with some good berries.

The berry patch on the road to Bennett Springs is open this year, I believe. I do not have a contact number so if anyone knows how to contact them, please let me know and I can pass it on. Brandywine Farms at Rolla is not open this year. They are waiting for bushes to grow, also. There is a patch at Dixon, however a customer Monday said she called and the number she had was disconnected.

Once again, we thank each of you for your interest and support. We will keep plugging along and see what 2019 brings!
Jerry and Jeannette George


Ready or not we're going to begin picking Monday, June 18th. Our schedule for the week will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday-June 18, 20, and 22. We will NOT pick Saturday. Already had a family reunion scheduled. Time: 7 - 10 a.m. Arriving as early as you can will be best because of the heat and the most berries available. While this year seems to be better than 2017, we still are in a rebuilding phase trying to get a full stand of bushes because of the root rot. So the berries could be picked out quickly each day.
Answers to some FAQs:
1. We are located 9.5 miles down A Road off Highway 54 on the left side of the road or 5 miles from Montreal on A Road.
2. Price: $3.50/lb. including tax
3. Buckets and freezer grade bags are provided.
4. A full bucket is between 5 #-6 #.
5. The patch has been a pasture so terrain may be uneven and armadillos are bad to dig holes.
6. There are stinging insects-bumblebees, wasps, yellow jackets and honeybees. (I was stung while working this evening! It wasn't one of our honeybees because it didn't leave a stinger.)
7. There are snakes. Have yet to see a venomous snake, though. I have crawled on my hands and knees pulling weeds up and down each row and haven't seen a snake this year. However, our youngest daughter saw a "baby cobra!" Elaine has no use for snakes!
8. Bring water, sunscreen, and bug spray.
9. Please do not walk between bushes or step in the middle of the row. An irrigation line goes down the center of the row and blueberry roots are very close to the surface and foot traffic compacts the soil.

Sorry about the length of this post. Others will be short and sweet. Looking forward to visiting in the patch.


Berry picking is over for 2017! We appreciate everyone who came to the patch even though the berries were not as plentiful as we would have liked. The late freeze in April hurt us more than we had thought. The crop was less because of a spreading fungal problem, also. We plan to do some renovating this summer and remain hopeful that 2018 will see a much better crop. Again, thank you if you got to come to the patch. We enjoy catching up with old friends and making new acquaintances. Have a wonderful summer!


Good Morning! The rain has stopped in our part of Camden County. Just checked the KY3 weather app and it shows only partly cloudy through midmorning with some sun. We did get just shy of an inch of rain so the field will be wet. We will be in the patch for any hardy souls who want to get their feet wet!


Another busy morning! Thank you to all who came and picked in the heat. We will open Saturday, June 17th unless it's raining. Watch the page for updates.


A great beginning! Plus fresh blueberry muffins as long as they last. Nobel's summer project!


Saturday, June 10 will be opening day for blueberry picking. The weather forecast looks great for a perfect day to pick berries. This year the patch will be open two days a week through the harvest. Tuesdays and Saturdays from 7 a.m. until noon. As always, picking will be subject to availability and weather conditions.

Please be aware that the bridge on A Road is closed for repairs. If you come from Highway 54, there will be no problem getting to the patch. Another approach to A Road would be Highway 7 to V Road to Lowell Williams Road.

For first time pickers, we provide the buckets and freezer grade liners. You provide the labor! May want to consider bug spray, also. The ticks are about as bad as I've ever seen them!

Looking forward to catching up with old friends and making new ones!


It is 69 degrees this morning and feels wonderful! Much better than 82 yesterday. Blueberries are still hanging on and ready to be picked by the handfuls. I really think that today and Saturday will be our last picking days for 2016. So come on out and get some berries for those 4th of July desserts!


Friday, 5:50 a.m. It feels cooler outside right now. Not sure about when the sun comes up, though! Head on out to the berry patch! Should be good picking this morning.


9507 State Road A
Montreal, MO


(573) 346-5775



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